Our Services

Accounts Preparation

Self Employed/Partnerships
Preparing accounts when you work for yourself can be confusing and time consuming. With support from D&A accountants, this process can be simple and efficient.
We will prepare your accounts explaining clearly how we arrived at the figures.
Our services can also include book keeping, completion of your VAT returns and the handling of your payroll.
As tax specialists, we can complete your self assessment returns on time, calculating your tax liability for you.

Limited Company
A growing number of businesses are becoming incorporated. This is due to recent changes to audit thresholds, annual reporting requirements and incentives of lower corporation tax.
As there are a number of differences between working for yourself and running your own company, we can give you the support you need to make this an easy transition.
We can give you advice on payment of directors and employees of the company as well as benefits. We can prepare and submit financial reports to Companies House.

Book Keeping

The recording of your company's financial transactions is the basis upon which the Accounting, VAT and Taxation elements of our services are based.
We can offer assistance with your books, utilising up to date management information, saving you time and hassle.
D&A can advise you of a suitable system to use and provide training for your employees, should you decide to keep the process in-house.


Once your company starts to employ its own staff, you will be faced with the obligation to pay these staff and deal with the varied items of legislation that control the workplace. Wouldn’t you like us to take this burden off your shoulders?
D&A provide services whereby your staff will have their wages calculated on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as providing you with payslips and a summary of the payroll run.
We can track sick pay, holiday pay and maternity leave pay. We also cover pension contributions, attachment of earnings and working families’ tax credits. D&A will complete p45’s, p46’s and process your employer’s end of year return and p60’s.
Changes in legislation to the minimum wage will also be updated as and when necessary.


Taxation for yourself and for your company is steadily becoming more complex. D&A can lighten the load by maintaining your book keeping tasks and completing your VAT returns. We can advise you on how and when to register for VAT and whether annual or quarterly accounting best suits your businesses needs.
We can also help you prepare for a visit or inspection from the VAT office.

Business Plans

It is extremely important to have a comprehensive, precise and meaningful business plan. D&A will make efforts to understand your business and translate this into a business plan tailor made for you. This could be for the bank, fund raising or for internal purposes.

Other Services

  • Personal Tax returns
  • Company Tax returns
  • Tax and VAT investigation
  • Assist in loan applications
  • Assist in government grants